Monday, October 06, 2008

40 Days for life has saved 89 babies!

We have now received reports from across North America of at least 89 babies whose lives have beensaved through the efforts of people just like you, praying outside abortion facilities in more than 170 cities during this fall 40 Days for Life campaign.
89 babies!!!
And 89 women spared from a lifetime of regrets!
David Bereit


+JMJ+ said...

During our LIFECHAIN on Sunday, I was particularily saddened not by those that flipped us off but by the tortured faces of those who were in pain, remembering...the lifetime of regret you mention....

Lord have mercy to heal their hurts. Abortion Hurts Women.

Leticia said...

It surely does. I've heard estimates that 40% of American women are post-abortive.
There is such woundedness in our culture. Lord have mercy.