Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah hits a home run in the debate!

My new Sentor, Joseph Lieberman and I agree on precious little except this, Sarah Palin did a GREAT job tonight in the debate. She was charming yet tough when necessary, had all her facts straight, didn't give an inch when she caught Joe Biden in a lie, and kept smiling through it all.
I loved the closing line about being a special needs advocate, we love you Sarah!!!

. . .And Piper carried Trig down all those steps without dropping him!!!


Jean M. Heimann said...

Our prayers were answered. She won the debate! PTL!

Marc Spencer said...

Please, America, tell me it isn't true? Is that all it takes to be fit for the vice presidency? Ignore the questions you are asked? Deploy the carbon-copy speeches you were trained to say, over and over again? Give answers to questions you weren't asked?
The only way Sahra Palin did succeed in the debate was by being able to utter complete sencences most of the time. By sticking to the script like a fly to a glue trap. As if someone had winded her up and sent her to the debate like a toy soldier.

I'm not so sure I want that to be true for a possible POTUS...

Leticia said...

Please, you DARE compare an outstanding governor with a freshman Sentor who is nothing but a mouthpiece for George Soros!
Sarah flattened Biden!