Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ABC blocks prolife ads

There is a trend lately on YouTube, and mainstream media outlets to block the truth about Obama's pro-abortion record from reaching the American people.
After rejecting a radio commercial exposing Barack Obama's pro-abortion position, the ABC network has rejected a second ad. This one, sponsored by the Caring Outreach, has nothing to do with politics but is a 30-second television ad that features information on fetal development.
The group put together an ad entitled 85 Days that depicts intrauterine photos of an unborn baby in the first months of life.
The group tells LifeNews.com that the ad was slated to air on the Oprah program this month, but it has yet to appear during the program.
Read the entire story on LifeNews.


cg said...

ABC likes abortion so much, let them air this one:


Anonymous said...

I don't know how they're able to hide anything about him since he openly made the statement at a campaign rally that he would never 'punish his children with a baby,' if either of them 'made a mistake.' In the course of the same speech, he said he'd 'teach his children about values and morals.'

Now just which 'values and morals' is he referring to??