Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Florida is already gearing up for another voting debacle

If you watched the debacle of 2000 where unsure voting inspectors peered at butterfly ballots by the thousands, searching for "hanging chads", you would NEVER want such a thing to happen again.
It was deliberate. The Voter News Service, a left learning organization, which appears from out of nowhere at election time, called Florida before up to 20,000 Floridians in the Conservative Central time zone in the Panhandle, could vote. They heard Florida was lost, and stopped coming to vote, even leaving lines. This is called vote suppression when it happens to Democrats. IF they had voted, George Bush would have had a commanding lead in Florida, avoiding the entire 6 week scandal.
Meanwhile, complaints were called in about Butterfly Ballots early in the afternoon, starting with some canvassing calls from a firm in Texas which was hired by Al Gore, stirring up doubts among Palm Beach seniors about the ballot design. (Unbelievably Theresa LaPour, the designer of that ballot was running for office in Palm Beach County a short while ago. She lost). As Sean Hannity said at the time, those Floridian seniors who can run six BINGO cards at once, couldn't manage a single Butterfly Ballot.

Felons' votes were counting in Florida, while Democrats were looking for an excuse to throw out servicemen's absentee ballots. Guess which way felons vote: 2 to 1 Democrat. Guess who is registering in record numbers, though state law prohibits them from voting? Felons. And officials say they haven't enough time to check their registrations according to this article in the SunSentinel.
NOTE to Republicans in Florida, volunteer to check those registrations for the sake of a fair election. And while you're at it, check for Democrat snowbirds who are voting both down there and up north. Bet you'll reduce the Democrat rolls significantly.
Let's make this as fair an election it can be despite the Dirty Daly Chicago vote factory.

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