Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The cultural crisis has peaked

Read this review of the new book; "The Pornification of America" at Newsweek, and when you have abosorbed the absolutely desperate state of today's culture, and THEN tell me that it's fixing the economy which is more urgent! There are millions of souls in the balance here in America.
"But it isn't just sex that Scott is worried about. He's more interested in how we, as a culture, often mimic the most raunchy, degrading parts of it—many of which, he says, come directly from pornography. In "The Porning of America" (Beacon), which he has written with colleague Carmine Sarracino, a professor of American literature, the duo argue that, through Bratz dolls and beyond, the influence of porn on mainstream culture is affecting our self perceptions and behavior—in everything from fashion to body image to how we conceptualize our sexuality."
We have never had a Bratz doll in our home, and never will. Keep your girls and boys away from this cesspool of a culture before it destroys them!

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