Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Wanderer reports on Pro Homosexual Choir Director in Massapequa Park

Here are my reasons for objecting to the appointment of Peter Rapanaro as Leader of Song at Our Lady of Lourdes parish.
“ 1) Proudly displayed on his web site is the fact that he direct­ed the recent Off- Broadway pro­duction entitled: My Big Gay Ital­ian Wedding. The description of it from his own web site is below: “ ‘ Planning a wedding can be hell. And planning to ruin a wed­ding can be a hell of a lot of fun — especially when one of the grooms is your ex- lover!
“ ‘Anthony Pinnunziato and An­drew Polinski are getting married. Anthony insists on a big, tradi­tional Italian wedding — but there are a few problems. Anthony’s family won’t give their blessing unless he can fulfill two require­ments: The ceremony is to be per­formed ] by a priest, and Andrew’s estranged mother in Florida must give her blessing too."
The families are presented as deranded, confused Catholics while the actively homosexual men who want to get 'married' are the heroes. This mocks our Church's most sacred teaching on marriage. Anyone who is involved with such a production, needs the sacrament of confession, not a position of honor in a Catholic Church. Perhaps if Peter Rapanaro did repent of supporting these works publicly, his participation would cause less scandal.
The Wanderer continues,
“ 2) Mr. Rapanaro has also been involved in the production of Rainbow PHi, a gay musical.
This was performed on Fire Island, famous for it's gay resorts.

“ 3) Boldly displayed on his homepage are several pictures of himself with Frank Marino, the drag queen and female imperson­ator, and two openly gay fashion designers, Carson Kressley and Robert Verdi.

“ Now, Mr. Rapanaro may have a splendid voice and be a wonder­ful entertainer, and he’s probably a really nice guy, too, and hope­fully he will continue his wonder­fully successful career on stage and elsewhere.
“ The problem here is not with him personally, but rather with the principle involved, so here’s a question: “ Is it right for the Diocese of Rockville Centre and Msgr. Lisante to have a person who open­ly and actively promotes a way of life, namely, the sexually permis­sive ‘ gay’ lifestyle and gay mar­riage, in a regular place of promi­nence on the diocesan television channel and now singing in our church?"
Well said, I hope that the faithful raise their voices as one and stop this travesty!
Read the entire story here.


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Yikes! I know people who go there and will certainly get the word out! Thankfully we were married at St. Rose (right down the road in Massapequa)!

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of all the lying under the name of 'gay' rights, 'same-sex' marriage, 'alternative' lifestyles. Why won't the left call a spade, a spade?

The true and honest name of that game is called SODOMY, and the people who play it are called SODOMISTS, and what they do is SODOMIZE.

There should be no 'pride' in that.

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting to see how religious people sometime "little extreme" looks exactly like fascists.