Friday, October 03, 2008

Peggy Noonan and Fred Barnes on Sarah Six Pack

"Sarah Palin saved John McCain again Thursday night. She is the political equivalent of cardiac paddles: Clear! Zap! We've got a beat! She will re-electrify the base. More than that, an hour and a half of talking to America will take her to a new level of stardom. Watch her crowds this weekend. She's about to get jumpers, the old political name for people who are so excited to see you they start to jump."
I am a little shy to say it, but if she ever comes near me, I'll be jumping for joy!
Read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal.
Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Fox New's "The Beltway Boys" was very impressed with Sarah's performance and said she is the clear winner. He says, "She may have passed two other tests as well. Did she once more energize the conservative base of the Republican party as she had when McCain picked her a month ago? Probably.YES! And was her performance strong enough to change the direction of a campaign that has seen Barack Obama widening a lead over McCain in recent weeks? Maybe.
For sure, she did one remarkable thing aside from handling Biden with ease. She undid the negative impression that had been created by her avoidance of most of the media and hardened when the two TV interviews went poorly. Her image was that of someone unqualified to be vice president and uninformed on major issues."
Read the entire story here.

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