Monday, October 06, 2008

Is this the October surprise?

Obama mentor Tony Rezko may gain a lighter sentence from prosecutors if he reveals the secrets of corrupt Illiois politics. What will he say about Barack Obama?
Unmentioned at the trial was a purchase by Rezko's wife, Rita, of property adjacent to the Obama home near the University of Chicago on the city's South Side. Obama and his wife, Michelle, purchased their home the same day that Rezko's wife closed on her property. And she later sold some of her property to the Obamas to enlarge their lot. Obama later said that allowing Rezko to do what appeared to be a favor was a "bonehead" move.
Will it bring him down if Tony talks?
Rezko was convicted in June of mail fraud, wire fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering.
Several of the charges carry 20-year maximum sentences and while Rezko would not be expected to served that much time for a first offense he is still looking at the possibility of years in federal prison. A deal with prosecutors could reduce his time considerably.
Will this finally convince the American public that Barack Obama has a questionable past with corrupt associates?
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