Thursday, October 16, 2008

Texas bishops are straight shooters on Abortion and the election

Thank God for courageous bishops!
This unambiguous letter from Bishops Farrell and Vann tells it straight: abortion is THE defining issue of this election. Will Catholics listen?
The letter begins:
The month of October is Respect Life Month in our churches. It is a time in which we as Catholics are called to reflect upon the gift of life that has been entrusted to us by our Creator and to focus our attention on the many attacks against human life that exist in our culture today. This year, Respect Life Month takes on a more profound meaning as we face an election in our country where the protection of human life itself, particularly that of the unborn, is very much at stake. Therefore, as your Bishops, we wish to take this opportunity to provide clear guidance on the proper formation of conscience concerning voting as faithful Catholics and to articulate the Church's clear and unambiguous teaching on life issues as they relate to other issues of concern.
Read the entire story here.

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