Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Unleash the lipstick-wearin' Pit Bull!

Fred Barnes, one of my favorite political commentators, tells how the McCain campaign was holding Sarah Palin back out of the limelight, and cutting her wings in terms of how she was to talk in interviews on TV. No wonder she looked stressed!
On the debate, she was set free to be herself, and she was great!
One more point. It's a waste of time and talent to have Palin stump jointly with McCain. Palin needs to campaign alone. She can handle it. Her crowds will probably be bigger than McCain's, but he's not likely to let his ego interfere with a strategy that improves his chances of winning the White House.
McCain should feel vindicated. His choice of Palin as his running mate has turned out extraordinarily well. There's never been a national candidate like her, a mother of five from the boondocks who grins as she skewers her opponents. More important, she's given a significant gift to McCain. She's improved his chances of winning.

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