Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't believe the polls; here are the true numbers

The liberal media wants us to concede the race. I admit they have me depressed. I am praying, but I can barely listen to the news. This is because, since I moved, we no longer have Fox News, and the mainstream media are simply fawning over Obama. I should know better!
Investors Business Daily was the one who correctly predicted the results of the 2004 election. We can trust them again. They say: "McCain has cut into Obama's lead for a second day and is now just 1.1 points behind," Investor's Business Daily indicates.
Its poll, conducted by the TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics, shows Obama at 44.8 percent, McCain at 43.7 percent and a large 11.6 percent of Americans still undecided.
"The spread was 3.7 Wednesday and 6.0 Tuesday" but McCain is making headway, IBD says, with middle- and working-class voters, and has surged 10 points in two days among those earning between $30,000 and $75,000."
"He has also gone from an 11-point defecit to a 9-point lead among Catholics," IBDD adds.
Kudos to the Catholic blogosphere, and good Catholic periodicals like National Catholic Register for keeping life issues in the forefront, and getting 19 points out of the Catholic vote.
Here is the American Family Association video which attempts to do the same with Evangelicals. It's good to be allied in trying to same this nation from the worst political candidate ever to run for office. United we will overcome!!

Read the entire story here.


ann said...

Great work, Leticia.

Why wouldn't the Obama camp and the MSM lie about the polls--they've lied about everything else have they not?

cg said...

Can't get into the video. Maybe this link may help.

catholicandgop said...

A lot of Fox News is pro-Obama too. Now I mainly listen to Rush.

Jennifer said...

Love your blog, Leticia.

There is so much at stake, we can't afford not to be as educated as possible on the candidates' records; the rhetoric is about as useful as a lawn chair in the swamp land.

I, for one, am on pins and needles to see if Obama will produce a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, proving that he's even able to run for President at all.

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