Thursday, June 04, 2009

The truth about George Tiller

If you want to know the truth about late term abortionist George Tiller, Christina Dunigan who is a frequent commenter here under the name Granny Grump, has an exhaustive summary of his crimes with ample documentation to convict him in any reasonable court of law. Of course, thanks to the liberals, we have anything but reasonable courts now.
Here's how Christina cuts through the rhetoric about how Tiller performed late term abortions.

"The assertions that the abortions Tiller was infamous for were performed on women whose lives were in danger have begun to fade. As they should, as people ponder the utterly nonsensical idea that any woman could face a life-threatening or health-threatening pregnancy complication for which the safest course of action is to strenuously avoid all inpatient care at fully-equipped hospitals and to instead spend three days at the La Qunita attended by your mom or boyfriend. "
This technique of waiting for the abortion to finish while at the La Quinta is what killed Christin Gilbert, a 19 year old with Down syndrome who died of a botched abortion at Tiller's facility. He begged for 'no sirens or lights'when the ambulance finally picked the dying woman up at his mill. He didn't want the prolife protesters outside to be alerted that his death toll was rising. We will remember you Christin, as the phonies are lauding Tiller. Here is a participant of the March for Life this year who is memorializing her.

Read the entire post over at Real Choice and be prepared next time someone tries to lionize this coward of cowards who killed 60,000 babies and several women.

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Julie Collorafi said...

60,000 babies and several women. What a 'legacy.'