Friday, June 19, 2009

Pro-life groups receive death threats

from Operation Rescue
"We will not succumb to fear or be intimidated into silence."
Wichita, KS - Today the Wichita Eagle ran a front-page story about threats of violence against Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups. We have posted it below for your convenience.
"We refuse to cower to these threats and have reported them to the appropriate authorities," said Operaiton Rescue President Troy Newman. "We will not succumb to fear or be intimidated into silence."

Linked below is an audio file and a PDF file with a sampling of some of the threats that have literally flooded our in boxes and voicemail. We are posting the names and e-mail addresses of some who have e-mailed us. If they are going to make threats like this, they should be ready to have everyone know they did it.
Caution: Strong and offensive language
Sample of Audio Threats· Sample of E-mailed Threats
"In spite of threats against us, we will be reaching out to the community this weekend to pray for peace and memorialize those who have succumbed to abortion violence, both inside and outside the womb," said Newman.
Operation Rescue is taking extraordinary security precautions to insure the safety of all participants, including hiring off-duty Wichita Police officers.
"Let's show the world that, as Christians, we will not shirk back in fear, but will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Peace and Reconciliation, as our Lord commands," said Newman.

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