Friday, June 12, 2009

Malkin responds to Letterman

"Will you teach your son to talk about women and girls the way you talk about Sarah Palin and her daughters?
You called the married 45-year-old mother, grandmother and Alaska governor a "slutty flight attendant" on your national TV talk show because she happens to be a tall, beautiful and dynamic public figure who doesn't look, walk or talk the way you think she should."

This is the essential point, because Chelsea Clinton's mom is PC, she has never been attacked by late night comics. She is off limits. But if the liberals can manage to damage Sarah Palin enough by 2012 to make her unelectable they are sparing Barack Obama any real competition in that election.
AND there's more, a female radio talk show host in Rhode Island today sneered at Palin's charges that such trash talk about underage girls makes them more vulnerable to abuse. I have news for you, Sarah's right. When the level of public discourse is so gutter language low, everyone in society is brought down. I have seen how degraded school age girls are in ads, MTV, the internet and sitcoms. It's time to stop objectifying women, Mr Letterman, even conservative women, and try some big boy jokes. There is a name for your obsession with degrading women, MISOGYNIST.
Read Michelle's entire article here.

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