Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Selective Outrage in Miami

If you've ever been to my house, you would know I am an animal lover. I have three rescued cats and two rescued dogs. They enrich our lives, protect us from invaders and mice, and generally stink up the place. But we love them. So, with this in mind read Jill Stanek's comments about the outrage about the cat killing wacko in Florida, and why the outrage about murdering innocent animals makes her mad. And me.
"Animal cruelty is despicable. Only sick people hurt and kill defenseless animals. That's how Jeffrey Dahmer got his start.
But knowing the same sorts of torturous acts are committed every day against human beings in at least 25 Miami area abortion clinics with no public protest makes me a little crazy. These would include the aforementioned, an abortion survivor who was suffocated in a plastic bag and thrown on the clinic roof for a week until he was so infested by maggots he couldn't be properly autopsied."

She is saying "where was the public outcry over the murder of this infant?" Read the comments of the newscasters and politicians about the cat and remember that these same people most likely refused to report on the above murder at the abortion clinic, for which the abortionist was convicted. The politicians are undoubtedly pro-choice, as long as no cats are hurt. Only little defenceless babies.
"At a news conference … city and county leaders … reassured the community that the 'reign of terror' was over." (CBS)

"… the killing spree …" (KPLG)

"… [M]y heart goes out to those families who have lost their dear kitties 'cause I understand that pet owners feel very strongly about their little family members. … To see them so violated and so mutilated just defies all common sense and is painful for everyone involved. Thankfully … the terror has come to an end. And what of the perpetrator, depraved, demented, twisted." – Miami-Dade Commissioner Katy Sorenson (CBS)

"[T]hrough media reports the grief and fear were shared nationally. … The cruelty of these crimes were horrific for the animal victims, but there were many human victims as well. Let's not forget the children and families who found their pets mutilated. These awful wounds inflicted a human toll." – Cutler Bay Mayor Paul Vrooman (CBS)

We live in a very sick culture indeed.
Read Jill Stanek's entire column here.

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