Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bishop Lori under fire from CT Legislature

"According to the Connecticut Office of State Ethics, the diocese acted as a lobbying organization in March when it rented buses to transport people to a rally in Hartford — the state capital — to protest a bill that would have granted more power to parishioners regarding church finances.

Officials also are investigating whether the church acted as a lobbying organization on its
Web site when it urged parishioners to contact lawmakers about the bill, which eventually was withdrawn amid public outcry, and about a another bill to legalize same-sex marriage, which was signed into law in April."
"But Carson says the ethics office is just doing its job.
"We're content neutral," the Office of Ethics official told "It does not matter to us whether someone is for or against any issue. We're an independent watchdog agency and it's not the case that anyone in state government came to us and said, 'You need to look at this"

Oh really, McDonald and Lawlor(who sponsored the bill 1098 to defund the Catholic Church) haven't been in to visit lately? Tell me, Ms Carson, who else are you calling lobyists these days?
I don't hear you barking up ACORN's tree.
Sounds like a concerted effort to scare Catholics away from exercising their First Amendment rights. Not this Catholic!
Creative Minority Report has an outstanding post on this conroversy.

Read the entire story on Fox News.
Here's a video of Bishop Lori's statement on 1098

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