Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Pro-Life Broadway Play to See

from the Catholic League
An extraordinarily life-affirming, pro-faith, pro-Jewish play is currently showing on Broadway, and it's having a significant impact on public opinion about faith and life. This is happening in New York City - the media capital of the country, and not a city known for supporting this kind of entertainment. The name of the play is Irena's Vow. It's been spectacularly well-received by audiences - and stunningly, by nearly all the critics, too! Only a single but very powerful critic took a predictably negative stand, but on Broadway, that is often all it takes to kill even a great play.
Right now, there is an opportunity to save this play and allow it to continue its affirmation of faith and life right on Broadway. By seeing Irena's Vow in the next 45 days and encouraging others to do the same, you can make it possible. If we succeed, it will certainly encourage other such plays and movies. Won't you please help?
Also, if you buy and register your purchase of tickets through
www.InSupportofLife.org, 15% of the ticket price will be contributed to life-affirming non-profits like pregnancy centers. That's $30 for two $98 tickets!
Irena's Vow is an amazing Broadway show with a Judeo-Christian worldview, including a strong positive message about life. In a place like Manhattan, that is simply extraordinary. For that reason alone, people of faith ought to support it. But it's also a great play, based on a true story. When it ran Off-Broadway, every single critic loved it, and every performance was sold out.

The play is based on the riveting, life-affirming story of one of the most courageous and unsung heroines of World War II - Irena Opdyke, a young Polish Catholic girl forced to work as head housekeeper for the top Nazi official in her town. Because of an earlier vow, Irena risked her own life every day for two years to protect the lives of the twelve Jews she hid in the basement of the Nazi's house - without his knowledge, of course. When one of them gets pregnant, all fear the baby's cries will reveal their hiding place, so they decide to end the baby's life. But Irena remembers the vow she made.... and thinks of her Catholic faith.... What does God want her to do???
So this is the extraordinary true story of one woman's choice about one life and the twelve lives that would ultimately be saved - or lost - by her decision. The result is so heart-warming and uplifting that many in the audiences weep for joy.
Dr. Howard Edington, Bill Bright's former minister, saw Irena's Vow and called it "an overwhelming experience," one "you will never forget!" He believes it could have a significant impact on public opinion in NYC about courage and the value of life. We agree.
Please go see the play as soon as possible and please buy your tickets through
We also ask that you email and tell everybody you know about this play (and the website,) asking them to do the same with their friends. It's imperative that we show our support for a Broadway play with such a positive message on life and faith!After you see the play, email them again with your positive comments!
Thanks so much for your help! You will NEVER forget this play!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this posting--I couldn't agree more. The New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently attended a performance of Irena's Vow as well. He said, among other things, "HALLELUJAH!" of this tremendously moving and faith-affirming show. I sincerely hope that people can see the profound effect Irena's Vow has on one's emotional and spiritual beliefs by coming to the show and experiencing this tale of life, love, and heroism for themselves.
Visit IrenasVow.com and see what all the hype is about.