Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye Bye Bioethics, hello Obamacare

Culture of Life fellow Dr E. Christian Brugger discusses the difference between President Bush and President Obama by their widely divergent views of bioethics.
"The push to get practical in bioethical discourse is a bad sign. It signals a turn away from urgent questions such as whether human embryos deserve full moral respect or whether “human dignity” means that all persons, even the disabled and dying, possess equal value. It turns discourse from the question of should to the question of how; the question ‘Should we clone human embryos for destructive research purposes?’, becomes “How can we do it most expediently?”
In other words, to heck with ethical questions, we have campaign contributions to pay back.
Oh Brave New World with such a president in it!

Read the entire piece at the Culture of Life Foundation.
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