Monday, June 08, 2009

Privacy not a problem for gay activists

Wasn't it only last week that Jill Stanek and Bill O'Reilly were acccused of George Tiller's murder by saying where his clinic was?
Now gay lobby is publishing pro familly advocates addresses to frighten us. Where are the federal marshalls when you need them?
from the Family Research Council.
Gay Lobby Tries to 'Out' Marriage Supporters
If you can't beat 'em, bully them! That's the motto of a growing number of homosexual activists, who seem intent on harassing people out of their traditional values. In Washington State, where a petition drive is underway to overturn the Domestic Partner Expansion law, (nicknamed by Gov. Chris Gregoire as the "everything but marriage" bill), a group called is trying to target voters who signed on to the referendum movement by publicizing their names and addresses. Larry Stickney, the head of Protect Marriage Washington, says he's received "dozens of obscene and threatening e-mails and phone calls." Of course, we all witnessed this same hostility and physical violence in California during Proposition 8, but now the politics of intimidation are cropping up across the country in states where marriage bills are under debate. Even in Washington, D.C., our own Chuck Donovan and close ally Bishop Harry Jackson had their personal information published after they joined the District's marriage referendum effort. The drive to publicly intimidate social conservatives is not popular--even by liberal standards. This strategy even caught the attention of the Seattle Times, whose editors--though admittedly pro-homosexual--condemned the WhoSigned group for using scare tactics to undermine democracy. "Fear is the essence of what [they're] encouraging... This is a new tactic in Washington politics," writes the Times, "and a disgusting one." Additional Resources Seattle Times: Gay-rights group wants to name petition signers


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Did you hear about the "coup" in New York that gave the Republicans a majority? Gay marriage will be a long time in coming to New York now.

Leticia said...

That was amazing!
I'm so proud to have come from New York; what an accomplishment! You must have been praying.