Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PBS true colors

Everytime PBS wants to raise funds they go mainstream; take for example, the lovely Irish trio The Priests whose Christmas concert I enjoyed on my local PBS station. It was interrrupted by calls for donations. I'm certain many Catholics pledged money. You did too, if you paid your taxes.
According to PBS you're a terrorist guilty of killing Tiller if you are part of a prolife organization.
"Despite the noxious theme that describing abortion as the death of a baby enables terrorism, no one – not Terry, not O’Reilly, not a single professional in the pro-life movement – was granted the courtesy of an interview by PBS.
This story has a very disturbing ending. Ken Bode, hired by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as an ombudsman or viewer’s advocate, lauded the show as "strong and convincing on this point: radical, anti-abortion opponents, including Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, are guilty of promoting domestic terrorism." Bode even said "Now" has established itself for reporting "within the boundaries of fairness and balance mandated by PBS standards."

Here's where it went.
HT Life News.com

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