Saturday, June 06, 2009

Protest the Pill Day Pill Kills
So many women are willing to risk their own health to contracept or to follow doctors' orders to 'cure' feminine ills with the contraceptive pill. I know. As a teen, I had ovarian cysts and was on the pill. I was miserable for months, stopped it and was healed by a nun who prayed over me at a healing Mass. I never needed this awful medecine and niether do you.
Napro technology has ways to avoid pregnancy, regulate your cycle, fix your raging hormones, overcome PMS and the ravages of menopause with natural hormones, not the synthetic poisons of the Pill.
The Pill increases death due to stroke and cancer, so is the cure really worth the risk?
Read more about the Pill at American Life League's website Protest the Pill.

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