Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama has more negative than postive ratings.

Obama's negative ratings are 33% and his approval ratings are 31%. Guess the honeymoon's over, as his fans are tired of running to their mailbox without finding their promised check inside. What surprised me was how closely tied the rising disapproval rating was tied to Obama's pro-abortion policies. I didn't realize how much Americans care about the unborn, and how well prolifers were getting the message out.

"When it comes to abortion, specifically, one poll has shown that Americans are not happy with Obama's decision-making.
February Gallup poll found strong majority of Americans are upset that President Barack Obama overturned a policy that prevented funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas. In overturning the Mexico City Policy, Obama reneged on his promise to reduce abortions as president.
As LifeNews.com reported, the pro-life policy had been in place during the entirety of the Bush administration and
Obama rescinded it on his first week in office."

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