Monday, June 09, 2008

Tornado in East Moriches, NY

We were enjoying a barbecue at the home of some friends on the East End of Long Island. when a terrible thunderstorm struck. The rain was torrential, the thunder loud, and the wind, the wind was bending the trees in way which made me afraid. B

We were told about flash floods in Greenport, but nothing had happened in Southold. We just don't get dangerous weather out of nowhere on Long Island, we get hurricanes which work their way slowly up the coast, with plenty of warnings. Until now.

As we entered East Moriches at dusk, we noticed the traffic light was out, and the blue spruce on the corner which is covered with lights at Christmas, had snapped in half like a matchstick.

But that couldn't begin to prepare us for the devastation which met our eyes in our own driveway, a few houses down from the corner. . .we are still counting, but we currently estimate that we lost 10 trees on our 3/4 acres property. It seems that a small tornado sliced through the block, in everyones' backyards, wreaking unbelievable havoc in it's path.

When you first confront this sort of damage, you are speechless, except to say "wow" at the sheer power of the winds that were in your yard. When you are faced with such utter destruction, yet your family is safe and no major damage occured on your property, your heart overflows with gratitude to God.

Our swing set and two sections of fence are crushed, however, the pool deck and the girls' dollhouse are perfect.

Several of our neighbors had their cars crushed, one had their lovely porch smashed, but once, again, no one was harmed.


Thank you Lord, for protecting us.


Alice Gunther said...

As usual, you have the right attitude!

But what damage! Ten trees!!! And the swingset! I am so sorry to read it!

Glad the playhouse looks good!

Jean M. Heimann said...

PTL you weren't hurt! You certainly were under His protection.

I am so sorry for the damage. WOW!

These are amazing photos, Leticia!

Julie said...

Amazing story, Leticia! It's a good thing you weren't home when it happened.

Christine M said...

Thank God that no one was hurt. Sorry about the damage - but at least your house was intact!

Maria said...

Thank God you're all okay Tishe. We are braving the heat down here...yuck!