Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ExxonMobil Resists Homosexual Agenda

from Focus on the Family
by Jennifer Mesko, managing editor
Gay and 'transgender' activists are targeting corporate America to bring about widespread cultural change.

For the ninth time, shareholders of Exxon Mobil Corp. have made the commonsense decision to give all employees the same rights.
ExxonMobil is the only Fortune 50 corporation and the only major oil company that has not adopted special rights based on sexual orientation and "gender identity." It also does not provide benefits for same-sex partners.
Caleb H. Price, research analyst at Focus on the Family, said it's no secret that gay and "transgender" activists are targeting corporate America in their effort to bring about widespread cultural change.
"Homosexual activists have strategically targeted Fortune 500 companies and applied unrelenting pressure to force them to radically redefine gender and the family in their corporate policies," he said. "Thankfully, shareholders at ExxonMobil have held steady against this onslaught by wealthy gay groups and powerful major pension funds and refused to capitulate to the homosexual corporate agenda."
Price said ExxonMobil needs to be thanked for its brave stand.

"We should encourage ExxonMobil to not give up any future ground to the gay-activist demands for radical cultural change," he said.
TAKE ACTIONThank ExxonMobil for standing strong against the gay agenda. Ask them to remember the Christian community — a significantly larger market share than the gay community.
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