Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heroic Catholic families

The late Fr. John Hardon said, "only heroic Catholic families will survive in this world".
Dr Jeff Mirus of Trinity Communications describes the heroic Catholic family at the dawn of the Third Millenium. Here's my favorite paragraph:
"In early third millennium America, heroic Catholic families generally don’t send their kids to public schools if they have any conceivable alternative. Nor do they take advantage of parochial or diocesan schools if their staffs are still riddled with cafeteria Catholics (or worse). If a sound Catholic school is not available, heroic Catholic families pull up roots and move, or they found independent schools, or they home school. Even if outstanding schools are available, they may still home school. I use the word “generally” in the first sentence, because there are exceptions to every parenting rule, and it isn’t anybody’s job but yours to make the best decision for your own children. "
Faced with only Cafeteria Catholic schools in our area, we have home-schooled, tried to start an independent school many times (and failed) and now we are discerning whether to pull up roots and move for outstandingly Catholic schools. And we are catching flack from a few quarters. But, we are heroic. Thanks, Dr. Mirus, I needed some affirmation!
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Hassie Breaux said...

We invite you to come to Lafayette, Louisiana! We have an awesome independent Catholic school that has just completed our first year. I would like to encourage your to check out our website: Pope John Paul II Academy has been a blessing for many heroic families in our area. Come and bring your family. You would love Louisiana!

Leticia said...

Judging from the people I have met from Louisiana, and your wonderful new governor, Bobby Jindal, I know I would love it, thank you for your kind invitation! Now I have to convince my husband.
I love to hear about orthodox new Catholic schools opening up, I'll be checking out that website!