Friday, June 13, 2008

La Principessa Catolica

Princess Alessandra Borghese, I didn't recognize her name as I avoid tabloids like the plague, however, now that she's a committed Catholic and has reformed her formerly wild lifestyle, I don't mind knowing that I contributed to her fortune by drinking San Pellegrino mineral water.
" In 1999, she recalls, looking me straight in the eye, she had a meeting. 'Catholicism is not a philosophy, neither is it a theology, but it is a meeting with a person.
So the moment you meet Jesus Christ, your life can change radically. That is when I started to look at everything differently.' Borghese has since that meeting, become Italy's best-known born-again Catholic.
Her 2004 book, With New Eyes, the story of her return to the fold, was a bestseller in her home country and over much of Catholic Europe. She has followed it with four other equally successful, equally personal, devotional works, including In The Footsteps of Joseph Ratzinger, her first outing in English, published this month. "
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HT New Oxford Review

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