Friday, June 06, 2008

The President and the Pope are very close

Some say George Bush is the second Catholic President. He certainly has given a better moral example than womanizer JFK, who, in case you have forgotten. was the president who started sending troops to Vietnam, yet is nearly worshipped by some Catholics who can't resist re-electing his brother Teddy, and various other Kennedys who have all but abandoned the faith.

My friend at Vive Christus Rex says he thinks that President Bush will convert to Catholicism after he leaves office. I have suspected this for some time. He'd be most welcome, his record on life issues is far superior than my Catholic Congressman Tim Bishop. THAT's why, in the 2004 campaign, I hobbled on my broken toe and handed out thousands of National Right to Life pamphlets on Bush's pro-life stance. He hasn't let me down on life issues, even though I consider Iraq a mistake.
Read this article from Religion News Service on to see just how close the Pope and the President are.
He's been speaking with Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, himself a convert, who may be guiding him into the Church. Will President Bush do as Tony Blair did and convert after his term is up? I'm expecting it.
I welcome you home to Rome, President Bush.
The following comment was left after the article:
During the 2004 presidential campaign, Air Force One arrived at Pittsburgh and a Catholic priest had the honor of greeting the president. At that moment, the president knelt on the tarmac and asked for a blessing. The priest then entered the building and 12 of us prayed that if it is God’s will, may the president be re-elected. I suspect that George W will eventually become Catholic.
God Bless+++
Gerard Beer
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Anonymous said...

You are joking, right? I see George W. as not even close on the issues with Pope Benedict. W is pro-choice, at least for rape, incest and life of the mother. And if he makes those exceptions, he may as well be pro abortion for all other babies. (The supreme court cannot make exceptions for some's all or nothing). Second, did you forget that W is the only US president to fund embryonic stem cell research? Yes, he limited it, but approved some. I think if we lower our standards any president can look good. And the war? I won't even start...

A Voice in the Crowd said...

Here is what Plan Parenthood says about George W. Bush:

"Planned Parenthood has offered a steady drumbeat of complaints about the "anti-choice" Bush Administration and its pro-life policies.

Among the highlights featured in [PP's] chronologies are the President's signing of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban ... the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and his reinstatement of the "Mexico City Policy. Planned Parenthood terms the policy, which ensures that U.S. family planning funds do not go to groups that perform or promote abortion as a means of family planning in other countries, as the "Global Gag Rule."

So Planned Parenthood hates Bush's policies, and this anonymous poster would ask us to think Bush is not pro-life.

Someone who didn't have conviction on the issue would never have nominated Sal Alito, arguably one of the most pro-life judges in the land, and a lightning rod of a nomination.

Does Pres. Bush's view match BXVI's perfectly, no. Is there room for improvement, yes. But not to give him any credit makes me think this poster has other motives.