Monday, June 02, 2008

Fight for the preservation of marriage, New York!

New York State has taken steps to recognize homosexual unions from other states and countries. Governor David Paterson has instructed all state agencies to revise rules and policies to recognize homosexual "marriages" from California, Massachusetts, and Canada. The move would also recognize homosexual civil unions from Vermont and New Jersey.
The action would make New York the only state in which homosexual marriage is not legal to recognize them from other states. But Frank Russo of the American Family Association of New York raises the question of whether the action is legal. Russo says Christians are considered hateful bigots when they do speak out and raise the argument for traditional marriage. "It's charity that motivates us to take the position we take in our opposition to recognizing marriage by anyone other than a man and a woman," he counters.Russo predicts serious consequences will follow the recognition of homosexual unions. Health insurance and pension policies could become overtaxed, he says, and the financial burden placed on the public and private business sector could be enormous. The family advocate says New Yorkers are generally not aware of the ramifications, and government officials either lack the knowledge or just do not care.
Take Action!
Send an e-mail to Gov. Paterson urging him to stop spending taxpayer's money on the promotion of homosexual "marriage" and civil unions.
Please forward this alert to your family and friends in New York.

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