Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Speak the truth to power

Despite pleading, Italian Premier Silvio Berluscone is still barred from the sacrament since his remarriage was outside the Church. The Holy Father said, "I want to invite shepherds and the faithful to renew their attention on how they prepare to receive the Eucharist," the pope said by videolink to an audience in Montreal.
"Despite our weakness and our sins, Christ wants to invite us into his home and asks us to start our healing. We must do everything in our power to receive him into a pure heart, and to re-find in the sacrament of pardon a pureness that sin has stained."

However, the pope did say that even people who are ineligible to receive communion can find healing by attending the church service.
There are no shorcuts for those in power, Senators Pelosi, Dodd, and Kennedy.
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