Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Harry Potter: an abortion survivor?

How did I miss this fascinating article? I was wondering how such mediocre writing captured the imagination of so many thousands. Dr. Ney, a child Psychiatrist, specializing in child abuse and Post Abortion Syndrome, has pinpointed the reason why Harry is so popular, and so dangerous.

"Abortion survivors have cut themselves off from all their emotions, except fear and anger. They feel they have no intrinsic right to be. Their right to exist depends on their being wanted. Having made it into the world, they survive by gaining power, by trickery and seduction. They must "have" to be: money, good looks, sports prowess, magic powers, etc. Only by having can they continue to be wantable and thus to continue to exist. Unable to trust, they live in a world of fear, with nobody to turn to. They suffer from nightmares in which their aborted sibling (who is not always identified as such) is seeking revenge, full of rage for her wrongful death and full of anger against the sibling who is alive. The surviving siblings feel like a weight on their shoulders and a permanent curse from the aborted sibling. They are, therefore, threatened in their very existence, both from the seen and unseen world. Abortion survivors flirt with death and seek control. They often seek answers and power in the occult."
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Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

This is a much deeper critique than I have encountered before. It makes a great deal of sense. While I disagree with your comment about the quality of the writing, I agree that J.K. Rowling's primary appeal in her series may not a good one.

We should balance this important critique, however, with Rowling's portrayal of Harry Potter's courage and self-sacrifice. I wonder what Dr. Ney would have said about the final book?