Monday, June 30, 2008

Pro-life victory in Texas: Dallas abortion mill closes

Last year, I remember Julie at Happy Catholic's post, It started here, let it end here, an initiative of prayer and fasting by Dallas, Texas Catholic bloggers to end abortion. Since Norma McCorvey of Roe v Wade was from Texas, these bloggers took responsibility for the Supreme Court Decision and began a vigil of prayer and sacrifice to end abortion.
This is one of the first fruits of their efforts, and thousands of others whose prayers stormed Heaven to end the killing at this mill. Well done!
NOW let's imitate them in our area.
I live in the abortion capitol of the world, so I have my work cut out for me.
Here's the story.
Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!
Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!
UPDATE: The Family Research Council gives the credit for the closing of the Aaron Abortion Mill infamous for late term abortions to the local Catholic Church.
In a story of pro-life perseverance and triumph, a coalition of Catholics, under the leadership of Bishop Charles Grahmann, is reaping the reward of their 18-year commitment to pray outside of Dallas abortion clinics. In the last several years, they have witnessed the closure of seven of the city's 13 clinics. This week, an eighth announced that it will shut its doors for good, leaving just five abortion centers in the entire city of Dallas. What is particularly encouraging about putting the Aaron Women's Health Center out of business is that it was one of the three facilities in the city to perform late-term abortions. We rejoice with Bishop Grahmann and applaud him for his comforting presence outside of these clinics, as he and his parishioners ministered God's healing message to the women of Dallas.
Julie at Happy Catholic who lives in Texas, mentioned that the Mass of Thanksgiving for the end to the killing was on June 28, my birthday. What a wonderful gift.


Julie D. said...

You know, I hadn't even associated that pro-life victory with our effort. Thank you so much Leticia for reminding me of that connection (yes, I'm just that clueless sometimes). :-)

Gretchen said...

I live in Margaret Sanger's birthplace. Something must be done. I have been feeling that strongly for awhile now. A recent article in our local paper reported that 'business' was down at our clinic (named after Sanger and Katharine Hepburn), but that they had enough funds to keep going. Thanks for posting this and keeping the thoughts whirling in my brain.