Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama anti-choice on vouchers for poor children of DC

Flip flopping on his former position supporting vouchers for the poor children of Washington DC, Obama now bows to the powerful National Federation of Teachers, and opposes them. Inner city children stuck in failing schools have no alternatives. I doubt many of them will have the chance to attend Harvard or Princeton, like the Obamas.
Barack Obama prefers private education for his daughters but won't give DC parents the same opportunity," said Brian Burch, President of Fidelis, a Catholic-based political, legal, research and educational organization.
"Vouchers are Change," he continued. "Rather than subjecting kids to rotting schools, vouchers have brought change to hundreds of families, who opted for private or parochial schools. If Barack Obama had fought for this program, it would be saved. But he refuses to help these low-income families. By supporting the teachers union, he sadly has become the Status Quo Candidate on education."
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