Monday, June 02, 2008

Catholic writers in danger in Canada

Pete Vere, Catholic who writes for the National Catholic Register and The Wanderer among others, has alerted the Catholic Writer's Guild of a dangerous trend in Canada: Catholic (and other traditional religious )writers who assert the morality of the Sixth Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" are in danger of being accused of hate crimes.
The issue before the CHRC, therefore, is whether Christian and Catholic teaching itself is considered under Canadian law to be “hate speech”.
Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary said the issue is whether Christians can continue to maintain their freedom of religious expression. Bishop Henry has also been through an Alberta HRC complaint by homosexual activists in 2005 after publishing a pastoral letter defending the traditional definition of marriage earlier that same year.
“I really feel that we are into a crisis situation here where we are experiencing a trumping of religious freedom,” said Bishop Henry.
Despite assurance from politicians that Canadian faith communities would not be affected when the government legalized same-sex marriage, the number of complaints against Christians have significantly increased since 2005.
Bishop Henry feels that Canada's human rights tribunals are censoring the expression of traditional Christian teaching: “The social climate right now is that we're into a new form of censorship and thought control, and the commissions are being used as thought police.”
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Don't think it can't happen here in the USA. Remember that we didn't think gay marriage would happen here either, when it was approved in Canada. Canadian social trends are a bellweather for the USA, because the same activists at work in Canada, already have much in place in the US. How many times has hate crimes legislation been brought to the US Senate by Senator Kennedy?
Be vigilant or be sorry.

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