Monday, August 13, 2007

Will the GOP get the hint?

Results of Iowa Straw Polland are they Pro-life?

Romney 32% Depends on where he's running, and who's asking.

Huckabee 18% All the way

Brownback 15% Ditto

Tancredo 14% Ditto

Paul 9% Ditto

Question; where did all these guys under Romney come from?
Didn't they listen to Hannity et al who asked them to step out of Rudy's way?
Where WAS Rudy? Or McCain? Or Fred Thompson? Shh. . .you can hear crickets. . .
Why didn't they participate?

Are the good people of Iowa trying to tell the GOP something?
Please listen before we have to sing "Hail to the Chief" to the Wicked Witch of the White House!
At least Life Site has an intelligent take on the results of this poll.

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