Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fotos Cofrades

Roberto Villarrica, the photographer who writes this blog from Seville, Spain, has given permission for anyone to use his gorgeous photographs of traditional Spanish statuary, as long as he is credited.
They are a reminder of our rich artistic heritage as Catholics, as well as the beautiful devotionals processions which still take place in Spain. Enjoy.


j.a.varela said...

Thank you Leticia. It is a very nice site.


Anita Moore said...

When I saw the beautiful Catholic art at the Mexican Art Show at the L.A. County Museum of Art years and years ago, one thing that struck me was how the artists never pulled any punches when it came to graphic representations of the Passion of Christ and the suffering of the Blessed Mother. We really clean up our crucifixes in this country; the Spanish/Mexican ones were bruised, cut, bloody and a lot more realistic.

Leticia said...

We have noticed that as well, Anita. Especially after the moviet "The Passion", my daughters would ask why the crucifix in Church doesn't depict the true suffering of our Lord.
I have always felt that the Spanish/Latin American artist, being acquainted with great suffering in the history of their countries, expressed it in their devotional art.They can truly embrace the cross.