Monday, August 27, 2007

They Killed the Wrong Twin

Botched abortion shocks Italy
Rome - A botched abortion in which a healthy twin foetus was terminated instead of its sibling with Down syndrome has reignited the abortion debate in Italy and raised allegations of eugenics."The time has come to re-examine the abortion law" that dates back to 1978, wrote leftist Senator Paola Binetti, who is close to the Vatican, in the Corriere della Sera newspaper."What happened in this hospital was not a medical abortion but an abortion done for the purposes of eugenics," she said, referring to the belief that the human species can be improved through selective reproduction.The abortion was performed on a 38-year-old woman in Milan in June, but news of its outcome has only recently become public. Doctors blamed the mistake on movement of the foetuses between the examination and the abortion.
"They wanted to kill the sick foetus and save the healthy one and what didn't work properly in this business was the selection," Binetti wrote.Pro-life campaigners also seized on the case as an example of what can go wrong under the abortion law, according to the Ansa news agency.Health Minister Livia Turco, however, defended the existing abortion law as "very wise" and said it would not be changed.

The Roman Catholic Church and the conservative right have long called for its repeal.
HT Independent Online
Once again, our beloved Church is the voice crying in the wilderness! Why is everyone shocked, this happens every day! When will Italians, and Americans for that matter, wake up and realize how abortion is routinely used as a form of eugenics?
This is described in detail with personal testimonies from mothers who fought back in the book, Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics. The author, Melinda Tankard Reist writes, "It is estimated that between 200,00 and 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people were murdered from 1939 to 1940 under Operation T4 and other 'euthanasia programs". (p 42) Elizabeth R. Schiltz in her essay in the book writes, "I cannot remember a time when I did not know that the first targets of the Nazi's gas chambers were people with disabilities. I cannot remember a time when I din no know that my brother Jim would probably no have been allowed to live if he had been born just ten years earlier, in the same hospital in Frankfurt, Germany where I was later born."
What's the difference between the T4 progrom and what was just attempted in Italy?
The Nazis didn't have sonograms. They had to wait till you were born to decide if they were going to kill you.
We are far more efficient in the US, we get 90% of the children with Down syndrome, with help from the research done by the March of Dimes.
The mother of the children, a 38 year old from Milan, returned to kill her disabled son, and reported the doctor to the police. No doubt she feels that they put her under undue stress, having to return to abort again. May Almighty God have mercy on her!


GrannyGrump said...

There is no surviving child. The parents went in for a second procedure to make sure the "faulty" fetus wasn't allowed to see the light of day.

After all, we wouldn't want something like this to happen, would we?

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Michelle said...

Hey guess what? Our story is in Defiant Birth! :)

Leticia said...

Michelle, how could I forget!
You wrote, "the most beautiful face on earth" on p278, thanks for reminding me.