Thursday, August 02, 2007

New French Canadienne folk song decries abortion

Jean at Catholic Fire has a link to a story about one of the most downloaded songs in French Canada, which decries the culture's sterility. It is called, appropriately," Degeneration".It laments the modern man and woman's distance from the frutifulness of their grandparents. In the case of the man, it's his disconnect with the land which his forebears farmed, and his helplessness at being a government functionary. For the woman, it's her aborted children, she whose great-grandmother had 14. Canadienne Celine Dion was one of 14 children with solid Catholic parents, she grew up in the rural town of Charlemagne, Quebec. Perhaps this explains why she seems content with her life.
Roughly translated into English, the words say:
“Now you, my little lady, change partners all the time
When you screw up you save yourself by aborting
But there are mornings when you awake crying
When you dream in the night of a large table surrounded by little ones.”

Could our Culture of Death be awakening, ever so slowly from it's love affair with sterility? This article at Catholic Exchange concludes there are signs of life. If this song, the recent hits Knocked Up, and Waitress and the Cannes Film Festival winner are any indication, then I predict that Bella will be the sleeper hit of 2007. It will open nationwide in late October.


Patrick Archbold said...

Could our CoD be awakening?


Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God we have a very large table surrounded by little ones!