Saturday, August 25, 2007

Onward Christian Soldiers

Last night, in the three part series, "God's Warriors", Christiana Amanpour tried to incite fear of Christian conservative groups like the Moral Majority, lead by the late Rev. Falwell, who during the Carter Administration mobilized and are credited for Ronald Reagan's landslide victory. They brought the prolife movement to the forefront of American politics, and have kept it there.
Not only did she feature footage of the bombing of abortion mills interspersed with peaceful protests, but she brought up the Religious Right's support of the public display of the Ten Commandments as an ominous attempt to take over this nation with Judeo-Christian morality.
The cameras focused on Liberty University's mock Supreme Court room, while the President stated his intention to take back the court. She reminded viewers that Justices Ginsburg and Stevens, the Court's troglodyte liberals who can't possibly be expected to live much longer, could be replaced with conservatives who would then rule this nation.
It's an early campaign speech for the Democrats, and here's the coup de grace; Jimmy Carter is holding hands with Bill Clinton in an effort to steer the Baptist Church away from Christian morality into touchy-feely "let's be nice to everyone, and sing Kumbaya" mumbo-jumbo. They are trying to fool voters into believing that you can ignore the 10 Commandments, throw the poor some programs, and call yourselves Christians. What happened to the Jimmy Carter who not too long ago, chastened his party for not being pro-life?!

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