Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How to keep the Culture of Death from taking over

Just as the parents of children with Down syndrome are coming together to protest the 90% abortion rate of such children, and advocate for pre-natal education, they find themselves in company with people they might never have imagined; Evangelical, Mormon, and Catholic pro-lifers. This alliance is gaining momentum and gaining notice from the forces of death. The New York Times had an online video about this phenomenon.

Whenever divergent groups of people support the same cause, their coalition grows stronger, sometimes with amazing results. Disability advocates have joined with pro-life Catholics in California to defeat assisted suicide legislation. Their opponents are taking notice.

The biggest admission of the role the disabled community played came from Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, a Democrat who was one of the main co-sponsors of the bill.
He told the newspaper "we really had two main groups working against us: the Catholic Church and the disability rights folks."
That combination of more liberal disabled activists and more conservative pro-life advocates is a powerful team that has stopped assisted suicide not only in California but in Hawaii, Vermont, Michigan, and Maine as well.
"What has happened in each of these states," Golden said, "is that a cross-constituency has come together that spans left, right and center."
To keep euthanasia at bay, that coalition needs to continue.


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