Friday, August 10, 2007

My Review of Becoming Jane was picked up by Reuters

Did you know I write for Reuters News Service?
Niether did I until I noticed this link in my sitemeter to my review of the film Becoming Jane.

I was rushing to the theatre in East Hampton yesterday in traffic, struggling with the strict parking regulations, and ultimately missing half the movie and having to wait until the next show. The air was stifling, the wait exhausting, as my mom and I ducked into one air-conditioned store after another, and I began to wonder if it was worth the effort. I would earn a link from the blog tour at MotherTalk by watching and reviewing this film before it's wide release on Friday. I knew that the link from MotherTalk would be a valuable reward, as bloggers are always looking for exposure, but Reuters! That far surpassed even my expectations!
Wouldn't Jane be pleased!


Michelle said...

Congratulations, Leticia! You've made it to the big time and it's well deserved! Now, I want to check out the movie, as I'm a huge Jane Austin fan!

Anonymous said...


Jean M. Heimann said...

Congratulations, Leticia!
Great job! Keep it up!

Kimberly Wasson said...

Great review, Leticia! I had hoped to see this one, and appreciate your insight. Reuters, eh? Sweet!

Esther said...

I learned about this movie from you. It didn't even click when I read a recent article on Anne Hathaway. Congrats on making the big time :-)