Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Eduardo Verastegui will be on Life on the Rock Streaming Video

Just click here to get the link to EWTN's Life on the Rock interview of Bella producer and star, Eduardo Verastegui. His reversion story is very powerful. This man is a Catholic hero, and deserves our full support for his new film company Metanoia. Magazines such as Columbia, and Celebrate Life are featuring interviews with Eduardo this month.
The Legionaries of Christ, who are affiliated with Sean Wolfington, the financier of the film, have joined the effort to promote Bella, and are organizing screenings with the blessing of my bishop here on Long Island. Here is an email I'm sending out from the leader of the Legionaries' promotion of Bella, Fr. Roderick Ermatinger:

I am Fr Roderick Ermatinger with the Legionaries of Christ. I believe Leticia has already mentioned to you that Metanoia Films, the producer of the movie Bella, has asked me to help them with their grassroots promotional efforts for this inspiring movie. This is Metanoia’s first film, and hopefully there will be many more to come. Metanoia’s mission is to attract young film makers, producers, directors, writers and actors, and to help them to appreciate the fact that they should use their artistic talents to advance the dignity of the human person, while still making movies that will make money. They want their movies to reach beyond the “choir” to the mainstream. They also want to send a message to Hollywood that people want movies that will elevate them rather than be demeaning. Bella is a simple movie with a deep message – how one person, one event can change a person’s life. Ultimately, it is a celebration of life, both the life of an individual and that of the family. Bella presents an opportunity for high impact on a large scale.
Last summer Bella won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
I would like the opportunity to talk with you to discuss how we are promoting Bella on a grassroots level.
Please feel free to contact me by email Also, please feel free to contact Leticia, if you are interested in learning more and helping with this important effort.
Thank you.
Fr Roderick Ermatinger,LC