Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Prolifers vs Islamofacist Murderers

On Tuesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough mocked the very concept of CNN's "God's Warriors" specials on Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremism. Anticipating the possible moral relativism that the Christiane Amanpour-hosted series may take, Scarborough sarcastically observed: "They're going to study Muslim extremism, then Christian extremism, because we know Christians have, have slaughtered thousands of people across the globe in bombings." Comparing the CNN anchor to a liberal talk show host, an incredulous Scarborough added: "Is this Rosie O'Donnell or is this Christine Amanpour?" Returning to the subject later in the 7am EDT hour, Scarborough derided the cable network again: "But to say, as CNN appears to be saying, that Muslim extremism and Jewish extremism and Christian extremism, sort of, is equal, that there is moral equivalence...between those three, that's just ridiculous."
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I especially love the juxtaposition of photos of an abortion mill bombing and an interview with the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. This way, the not-so-subtle point can be made that, by saying that America's moral depravity may have caused the attacks of 911, Rev. Falwell encouraged another bombing.
I am going to go on record saying that Rev. Falwell had a point. The Islamofacists aren't merely against us because America is the land of freedom (as President Bush insists); they are against the gross misuse of freedom of expression in this nation which shames our Judeo-Christian moral heritage. If American popular culture had any of the respect for the dignity of womanhood and family life, which it had in the 1950's, it would be less of a target. I am not painting the Islamofacists as arbiters of morality, far from it, but we must admit the excess depravity which fills our media and corrupts the world's TV sets, is highly insulting to all people of faith. 'If this is Christianity, then we'll have none of it', may well be the statement our culture provokes
Then there is the issue of the lifting of the veil of protection which God has seemingly kept over this nation. We hadn't been attacked in the Continental US since the Mexican-American war. We enjoy unparalleled prosperity, and are the envy of the world, as evidenced by the millions of immigrants who enter our land. And how do we repay this bounty? By saying we can't afford children, and aborting them, by abandoning our marriages to no-fault divorce, and deserting our children to 'fulfill ourselves' in the workplace, buying bigger homes and more gadgets than we need. We neglect the starving of the world while we are dying of obesity. We can't fit church into our weekend entertainment plans, yet we sit in front of TV shows which mock God and our morality, belittle women, by making them into sex objects, emasculate the men by mocking them in sitcoms, and we say nothing.
A loving God would let us have a wake-up call before we find ourselves before Him in the Judgement Seat. On 9/11/2001 we got the message, and for two weeks we filled the churches. Our Lady has been warning us of a coming chastisement for centuries. Must the hand of God be harsher to get our attention?

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