Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Time for a Laugh; Worship Faux Pas

The Ironic Catholic , Un-muted mumblings, Christus Vincit, Happy Catholic, and the Curt Jester have compiled a list for RCIA candidates of Catholic Mass etiquette. Feel free to leave your favorite suggestions. I did. This is getting to be a Meme of pet peeves in Church!

22. To our elderly congregants who take up guard posts at either ends of the back pew: please have mercy on us parents of obnoxious toddlers! We have no crying room in our church, and the vestibule is cold and seatless, therefore please allow us the back pew for a few minutes of peace before we need a quick getaway!
23. To the young lector with the gorgeous body, who knows it. God has truly blessed you, but for the sake of the men in the church, DRESS MODESTLY so Christ can remain the center of the Mass, not your legs!

Add your own in the comments, I'll probably add more as I think of them!
These are getting to be a sort of meme of Americas Funniest Church Incidents!
Here's a good one for seniors from Plantlady. a commenter on the Curt Jester:

If you ride your electrified scooter up the aisle to receive Holy Communion, remember to brake BEFORE you reach the priest. (A lady actually drove into Father, who lost his footing and quickly handed me the chalice so he wouldn't drop it!)


Brian Michael Page said...

I added three more to it - one involves Barney (remember the infamous "Barney blessing?").

PaulaB52 said...

When responding the correct moments in Mass, please be in time with the rest of the congregation, not one or two words behind. Especially if you are singing the responses in Latin.

Genuflect to Jesus in the Tabernacle, not towards the wall, or towards the opposite end of the church. We are not genuflecting because it's something we "just do", but rather a sign of respect towards Jesus.

Do not let your older children sleep during the homily. (I actually saw some teenagers sleeping last week and their moms LET THEM!!!)