Thursday, February 15, 2007

Preview of "Amazing Grace"

Take a look at this riveting scene from the upcoming movie, Amazing Grace, based upon the faith and leadership of William Wilberforce, the British member of parliament who began the abolitionist movement which outlawed slavery in Great Britain, on February 23, 1807. In honor of the bicentennial of this event, the movie will open in theatres next Friday, February 23rd.
Here is a review by the International Herald Tribune: Europe.

Michael Medved- Nationally syndicated radio host"A movie that dazzles the eye, touches the heart, and stirs the soul. Elegantly crafted and superbly well-acted, AMAZING GRACE is a remarkably uplifting, substantive contribution to the popular culture -- and to our crucial understanding of freedom's history."

There is a promotional event, "Amazing Grace Sunday" to be held this Sunday, February 18th, in Christian Churches throughout the US and Europe, to sing the hymn, "Amazing Grace" and learn the history behind Thomas Newton, the slave ship owner, who had a conversion to Christinanity, became a minister and wrote the "Amazing Grace". The intention, besides promotion of the film and it's namesake hymn, is to pray for the end of racism and modern day slavery.

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