Monday, February 12, 2007

Referendum Results in Portugal are Mixed

Although the majority of Portuguese voters(59%) approved abortion until ten weeks gestation, the turnout wasn't sufficient to approve the law change(only 40% of voters). Prime Minister Jose Socrates, however, says he will move to approve the law nevertheless.
I wonder whose payroll he is really on?
When delegates from Non-Governmental Organizations came to New York City to vote on a treaty involving the so-called "right to abortion", Planned Parenthood offered them a $ 200 daily allowance to vote to push abortion in poor countries. Their operatives have been at work, pushing abortion on poorer nations with the help of the vast Gates and Buffet donations. One pro-life organization member I met in Washington, DC told me they have funded these efforts in perpetuity. On our side is the wonderful Human Life International, headed by Fr. Tom Euteneuer, whose video on this subject I have posted.
Thanks to an Executive Order, issued on President Bush's second full day as president, the Mexico City Policy has been in effect, prohibiting our tax dollars to be used for such a purpose, as they had been under Bill Clinton, and most certainly would be under his wife or Obama.

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