Saturday, February 03, 2007

Princeton Student Group Holds Abstinence and Marriage Conference

Intercollegiate conference will prepare students to defend conservative values.
Princeton University's Anscombe Society will host a conference this month
called Making Love Last: Finding Meaning in Sex and Romantic Relationships --
designed to equip students with the arguments needed to stand up for their
values at secular universities.
Cassandra DeBenedetto, a senior at Princeton
majoring in religion, co-founded the Anscombe Society in 2005.
recognized that stable, healthy, committed marriages form healthy and stable
families," she said. "Marriage and family is valuable not only to the
individual, but to society."
The group's members also wants to their show
peers the value of abstinence until marriage, DeBenedetto said -- a message that
isn't always popular.
"Because a group like this is so unique on a college
campus, we've received a lot of media attention," she said. "Students from a
variety of college campuses have contacted us wanting to know, 'How did we start
this group?' and 'How can they start a group?'

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