Thursday, February 22, 2007

Now, this is something I would have said!

ABC news is starting to think with the pro-lifers. Really!
Charles Gibson, in opening teaser:"Welcome to World News. Tonight, a baby born after just 21 weeks in the womb survives. A tiny miracle that raises big questions in the debate over abortion." (see that discomfort on his face!)
We pro-lifers have known that each time a child survives at a younger gestational age, our position that this child is a person deserving protection is strengthened, but to hear the other side recognize the significance of this tiny child's survival outside the womb from 21 weeks gestation, that is good news!
Of course, we'll be criticized for publicizing little Amilia Taylor's survival at 21 weeks, 6 days, but we've got them on the run!

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Esther said...

Leticia: I am reading past issues of Catholic newspapers and magazines. I was reading a LTTE about a priest in NY wondering as I read it if you knew the priest. Guess what? You not only knew him you wrote the letter :-) What a wonderful parish you must belong too.