Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Keeping your sense of humor is important

I recently read an article entitled "Wired for Merriment; what's so funny about faith, hope, and Catholic merriment?" in The National Catholic Register by Eric Scheske, and decided to start a new sidebar entitled, "funny blogs". He discussed Catholic blogs at St. Blog's Parish, and lamented the dearth of humorous blogs. I really enjoy the well-known comic blog, The Curt Jester, and highly recommend it, and have just discovered, Catholic Cartoon Blog which is a Catholic Thomas Nast. Eric Sheske recommended Cacciaguida, seizethedei, and epression. I have just discovered the humor of The Ironic Catholic .

Sheske closed the article with a quote from Hillaire Belloc, "laughers are crude cousins with the Most High". My favorite humor quote is, "from sour-faced saints, O Lord deliver me, " attributed to Saint Teresa of Avila. As Catholics we know Who has already won this cosmic battle in which we are so passionately engaged. We just need leave from the battle once in a while.
Try out these links and have a laugh on me!

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