Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

OK, I admit it, I sometimes get a bit obsessed with a film, and see it a dozen times. My excuse is that I may write a screenplay someday, so I have to study technique. Few films stand up to this kind of scrutiny, besides the awesome Passion of the Christ.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose, however, is so well-crafted that it bears repeat viewings. Based upon the true story of Annliese Michel, a college student in Germany in 1976, it's based upon the trial of an exorcist priest who failed to save Emily from death, or the devil. The film is centered on the trial, with flashbacks providing windows into the terrifying case of a pious young woman besieged by several demons. Even more unsettling is the fate that befalls those who defend Fr. Moore and the film builds slowly into a stunning climax.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose has none of the gore of The Exorcist, but just as much drama, and leaves you without a definite answer to whether the devil exists, something to ponder in the days which follow. Especially at 3AM.


PaulaB52 said...

I HATE waking up at 3:00am. 3:15am is even worse (Amytiville horror time).

Emily Rose was a good movie. I had not read any reviews on the movie before it came on video. I rented it thinking it was going to be a gorefest. But I was so suprised by how good this movie is. The part where the BVM and Emily Rose talk is most touching.

Mia said...

Wasn't Emily portrayed as a model Catholic in the movie? How can she be a model Catholic and be possessed?
I probably should watch the movie, but there is NO WAY I am going to watch it without a friend.

Leticia said...

That's an interesting point. The boy in St. Louis who was possesed in the true story which became "The Exorcist", was messing around with Tarot cards, thus inviting the devil,but Emily was a devout girl. If you see the film, you'll understand she was a victim soul, for our benefit. She offered up her suffering willingly "So that people will know that the devil exists". Since the film was made, this seems to fulfill this intention to teach the world a lesson. Remember this was a true story. Now, grab a friend, like my 13 year old daughter who LOVES this film, and see it!

UltraCrepidarian said...

I liked this film. It doesn't make easy work of the subject matter, it's something that some people won't like for one set of reasons, and some people won't like it for a completely opposite set of reasons. I don't really know how anyone can pretend to know for sure whether things like this really happen just like this, or that they don't. Any certainty on these matters means most of us are over-reaching our own experience. I believe that God exists, and also that evil exists. I think this movie taps into an incredibly powerful set of subconscious triggers, things that are really scary. It really is a great hollywood horror movie, and it does have a great supernatural horror story.