Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prolifers take heart from "Amazing Grace"

While watching the movie, I was impressed at the overwhelming odds Wilberforce faced at the outset, the MPs were stacked 300 to 2, most of them owed their fortunes to the slave trade, and yet he and the abolitionists began with the grassroots campaign to change the minds and hearts of the British public, something which had never been tried before. And, after twenty years of hard work,and numerous apparent setbacks, they succeeded.
We are the third wave in the pro-life movement. We follow in the auspicious footsteps of the abolitionist, and civil rights movements, in the struggle against grave injustice in the world. Do you know what these three movements have in common?
They were all products of Christian faith. William Wilberforce was the classic Christian liberal; compassionate to the downtrodden, yet unwilling to sacrifice civil order when his more extreme friends, like Thomas Clarkson suggested revolution, in the footsteps of the American and French Revolutions. His calm, reasoned, lawful efforts prevailed, and so will ours.
Onward to victory!!

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